Transparency in Digital Wallet Transactions

Transparency in Digital Wallet Transactions

July 4, 2021

At this period of ever high-paced tech world, we have been familiarized with a new term related to money - Digital Wallet. Digital wallet, also referred to as e-wallet, is digital mode of payment through your handheld device or any other devices with network connectivity. Gathering almost all parties such as the buyers, service providers, banks and regulatory authorities for a financial transaction into a controlled digital platform creates an efficient payment approach. Despite of all the significant attributes of such payment platform, a typical user might be reluctant to transact any payments due to concerns about the reliability and the transparency of the underlying transaction procedure. With all these concerns in consideration, we present a new payment platform able to serve in both online and offline environment.


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After the introduction of the digital wallet concept in the fin-tech industry, every user is granted the comfort of a secure and transparency in transaction. Transparency means the vital details of each truncation are preserved and available for the relate parties to view at any time. Transparency in transaction also means the same thing i.e., nothing is hidden from the user and that the user is able to interpret data as and when required.

Imagine having a digital media where you can experience wonders of payment for any products, services or utilities over few taps on your mobile screen. The ease and convenience are contrary to the tedious tasks of handling transactions in cash and the probability of errors during the relatively time-consuming procedure. Imagine having to deal a faulty transaction and having to manually attend a banking institution for correction. In contrast to it any missed records of transactions and its history, an inquiry within the database of the digital platform suffices - that too with few screen taps or keystrokes.

With Namaste Pay in your device you have all your transaction needs completely stacked up into a package on your palm and entirely controlled by the tip of your finger in real time.

Any prospects of illegal act of laundering of money or unauthorized financial transfers along with identity and financial fraud is largely minimized with the transparent approach, verified activity logs and secured encrypted database that is accessible only through secure credentials. To top-up all the technical traits Namaste Pay ensures a user-friendly and interactive visual interface making it useful to all the banked and the unbanked population opting to use the emerging digital payment platform.

The use of advanced technology, rigorous regulatory compliance and strong provisions of security ensure that each transaction initiated through digital payment platforms deliver better transparency, as opposed to paper cash transactions. Be ensured of a transparently reliable and secure transaction platform by being a part of Namaste Pay.


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